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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Father, it's been two months...

since my last blog entry (well, near enough to two months)...

I feel terrible. Guilty as heck for not having blogged. But a lot has been going on, which I will go on to tell you all about...

At the end of November I finally dragged my ass off to a private Ob/gyn (as you might have figured out from my last post). Definitely not pregnant. Turns out I had a couple of cysts. He figures I have PCOS. He had me run an ovarian profile (at least that's what they call it here). It didn't include testosterone or thyroid tests, but I had them run them as well. Everything looks strangely within parameters, except for my LH/FSH ratio. They're both low (as they should be at CD3) but well within parameters. What I'm worried about is that my FSH is like 4 times higher than my LH. Granted, they're both so low the difference is not really noticeable, but I thought they were supposed to be 1:1. My LH is something like 1.5 and my FSH is at like 6... Any thoughts? On the bright side, since getting that shot to make me get my period, I think I'm finally getting more regular. Granted, my period was a week late, but it sure beats 3 months!

In other news, I started dating/stopped dating someone in the matter of 1 week. She cut me off, said she wasn't ready to date anyone because she still had issues dragging her down from previous relationships. Problem is, I really like her. Totally do. She lives nearby and has come and visit several times, and we get along totally great. Problem is, she is totally against having anything with anyone right now, but still treats me like a girlfriend... Which is confusing.

But anyway. I've been somewhat depressed lately. I think it's a mixture of my biological clock ticking, the frustration of feeling my life is going nowhere, stress over debts and everything else in my life right now.

I guess I haven't written mainly because of being depressed. I dunno. Things in my life just seem to be sort of spiraling out of control. I've tried taking some control at least in the health aspect, by going on a diet. I'm concentrating on staying off carbs (which is what makes the IR bad) and I feel like I've been losing some weight. That is sort of encouraging, because I feel that my period is getting on track because of it. I'm having somewhat of a hard time managing the diet, because I crave carbs all the time, so I'm considering going on Met. Anyone have any pros/cons to throw my way?

I think I'll cut this short for now... My mind really isn't on it, but thanks for checking in!