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Thursday, August 28, 2008



I have been gone quite a while. To tell you the truth, at first it was because I was really disappointed in getting a BFN, and then because I was just too anxious trying to catch my surge (which by the way, apparently never came. I'm not even sure I'm really "DPO" because I took those last temps after only 2.5 hrs of sleep)

Then, I didn't blog because I was just too ticked off over not catching my surge and rather upset that I was heading for a very very long cycle. I have never had a cycle this long, it is SO upsetting. The longest cycle I had ever had in my LIFE before these last 2 has been 32 days. And that was LONG! Mine were usually ever 28-30 days, TOPS.

And then although I still haven't got my period, I thought I might blog, but something else happened... While I was working Sunday night, taking care of some last-minute details, a huge deluge started falling, and the area where I work totally flooded! A water canal nearby had brimmed over (is that even right...? oh well) and had flooded the area where I work. Water on the streets was at waist level, and although the building in which I work is elevated off the ground floor, the parking lot still got flooded quite a bit, higher than my knees... Which meant my poor VW bug was flooded too... Inside as well... And since it just so happens to be a fuel injection car, the computer got wet and it's busted. So on top of having to do a full oil and filter change, have the injectors washed, the spark plugs cleaned and the computer dried out, it's still not working. And I need 150 dlls that I DONT have to repair it. I have no one to turn to, have no money, no car, and I'm at my wit's end.

So yeah... This hasn't been my day... My week... My month... My year... Heck, I could go on, but what's the point? Things just don't seem to be falling into place for me. Such is life.