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Saturday, July 25, 2009

1st week

Well, I got through the first week. I think I met all the goals they set for me except not staying overtime. I had to stay a couple of extra hours a few days, but I finished EVERYTHING and I don´t have to make up anything this weekend.

Hopefully they´ll see that as the true progress it is, and recognize it.

I´m keeping my fingers crossed

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I think I´m getting fired...

Yeah. I don´t even know what to say.

I just got notice at my work that I "have been below standard". Apparently, they don´t like me working extra hours to meet my goals despite the fact that I´M NOT GETTING PAID FOR THEM.

Also, they say I´m not positive and don´t make any proposals for improvement. Well, in the same notice I listed 7 different proposals and actions I´ve taken in the past 2 weeks, so that was shot down...

The "positivity"... Granted, I used to have a terrible attitude, but I think this is more a case of having earned a reputation and being unable to shake it off... I used to be really really bad, negative as hell, but I´ve worked VERY hard on improving it, and I have. Everyone´s commented on it, all the feedbacks I´ve received have made an emphasis on that.

So what is happening? Well, it´s one of those cases where you make certain people look bad and they take any opportunity they can get to get back at you. I´ve been meeting all my goals and have even received awards these past 6 months marking that I´ve been a good employee.

I just don´t know what to do. With Mexican law being how it is, I don´t know if I´ve got a leg to stand on...

I´m going to do everything I can to get through this, try to meet any expectations they have, make absolutely no waves and bust my ass so that I don´t have to work overtime anymore... But honestly?

I´ve never met anyone that´s survived an "Improvement plan" in my company... And that´s very discouraging...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Post coming

I know I´ve been MIA for about 6 months, but I´ve had too many things to deal with at home, work, healthwise and with family, and it´s just been too exhausting to even THINK about posting. I´ve been bad, I know. I promise I will post soon explaining why I´ve been gone so long and what the heck has been happening with my life.

Pinky promise.