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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So, I really need some advice...

You will notice that there is an empty post from Dec. 25 last year, and it's title is "Torn through the middle" or something to that effect.

The post is empty because blogger decided to eat the whole post and I was too emotionally drained to re-write it, but I was basically fuming against the powers that be because my little sister had just announced that she was pregnant. I felt betrayed, sad, useless, as many infertiles will understand.

You may also have noticed my most recent post, with a +HPT.

Now, here's the tricky part of the equation... I am wondering when I should tell my sister that I'm pregnant.


Well, the baby whose pregnancy news tore me apart last year died in utero 2 days before a scheduled c-section this past July. My sister has never been really stable emotionally, and I am worried as to how she will take the news that I am pregnant while she lost the child she should have been celebrating his or her first christmas with.

My sister knew I was trying again before she lost her baby, and she knew that I continued trying...

I have decided to wait at least until after the holidays to tell her, so as not to ruin them for her like it happened to me last year. The question is, how much more after them should I wait? Some people tell me to wait just after the holidays and then tell her, because she will be hurt if I don't (highly likely), but others tell me to wait until I'm about 5-6 months along to tell her, to give her more time to heal.

What do you guys suggest?