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Saturday, May 31, 2008


I finally got my pee sticks! I really can't believe they're here! And I was naughty... I used one just to see what they would look like and what I should expect once I'm actually waiting for something. I know, I know... I'm really weird like that.

So anyway, either you, my readers, have not been coming around, or you just plain lost interest in helping a woman in your same boat out :( I have not gotten any responses to my request for instructions on how to thaw sperm!

C'mon people! I'm dying here and no one pushes a hand my way! Show me that you are willing to help a fellow woman in need!


Pat said...

I always thought that a doctor will thaw the sperm and do the insemination, because with frozen sperm it has to be a IUI, and I really don't know, how you want to manage this by yourselve. Everyone I knew, who used frozen sperm, did the insemination in a medical practice. So I really have no idea. Sorry.

girlranting said...

Frozen sperm does not have to be used for IUI. It can also be used for vaginal insemination or for ICI. In the United States, many women prefer to do things at home since it is cheaper and more private, and they can involve their partners (whether female or male)

Pat said...

Answered at the post before. ;)

mommy&mom said...

I put the vial under my arm for about ten-fifteen minutes and when I put a tiny drop under the microscope and look, they are awake and swimming!