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Friday, June 13, 2008

CD12... HELP

Well, it's CD12... I have been peeing on sticks for 5 days now, and up until yday I had what clearly were only evap lines...

Today, though, I started getting the faintest line, well, maybe not really faint, but really THIN. This line, however, is unlike the ones before because this one actually has TINCTURE. I can see it clearly as sort of purplish, not grayish like the others.

What does this mean? How far off should my surge be now? I really need to know because Donor needs to travel from USA to here so I can inseminate, and so I need to know as far off in advance as I can... But because Donor can only stay for about 3 days, then I shouldn't be too ahead of myself either.

Please help!!!

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jessie said...

Hey! Aw man, I don't know. Since this is your first cycle it's tough. Have you been charting ovulation via temps the past few months? If you're starting to get a thin line that's great. It will get darker and then BOOM. One month with all of my stress I ovulated on CD 17 and I was FREAKING out. Now that I've used the OPK's for a few months I've become a little more comfortable. I tend to ovulate around CD15. How's your CM? IFyou're fertile that way I'd tell him to get there! You don't want to wait to long and fresh sperm lives in the body for a little while.