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Saturday, June 21, 2008


And still no positive OPK. I know I'm testing right (holding urine for at least 4 hrs, not drinking any liquids beforehand) and I've been testing since CD8, so I know I can't have surged yet. Plus, FF hasn't detected ovulation yet, so I'm pretty sure it hasn't happened.

Has anyone had really late ovulation? My cycles are usually regular (with the exception of that AF episode back in January) and they last 30-31 days. I have been thinking maybe I have been stressing too much over getting a positive, but it could also be that I took estrogen during CD2-CD12. Does anyone know anything about this?

I could really use any help whatsoever. At all. Please.

Should I keep testing? I'm afraid I won't even get AF since I should have O'd by now. I'm starting to wonder if I -WILL- O, and if I have O'd at all for the past few months (years?).

I'm just starting to get really antsy. Help.

My chart is this one, please tell me what you think:

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jessie said...

Looks like it might be an anovulatory cycle? No temp shift to indicate ovulation.