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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Thanks to all you commenters. It really helps to know that there are other people that understand what I'm going through. I talk to people here and they just don't understand. The people I know that have problems with their cycles don't want to have children anyway, or really just don't care, and the rest of them just have children whenever they feel like it. Even when they don't really want them. It's just not fair.

I didn't mean to say that in the USA you had it easier. Quite the contrary, you guys have it much harder. With the government run practice here, as long as you're working, you're covered, no matter what preexisting conditions you may have. The law is written that way. But the private practice is so much quicker than the government one, and it's just frustrating that I have to wait two months or maybe more to get results I could get in a private clinic in less than a week. I am frustrated because if only I could afford it, I could get results (and better care) so much quicker if I went the private route. I didn't mean to say you guys had it any better.

I hadn't been much in the mood to post, but I finally decided I had left you up in the air for too long, so here goes.

I went to the doctor on Friday to figure out what the heck my tests revealed, and (why am I not surprised?) he had only done regular, run-of-the-mill tests on me which told us nothing. He had done a regular checkup on my blood cells (everything normal), urea and creatinine (normal), cholesterol levels (normal), coagulation time and stuff (normal) and URINE pregnancy test (negative).

What pisses me off the most is I had told him I had already done the pee sticks several times and they came back as negative. It blows my mind that he couldn't be bothered to at least consider a BLOOD pregnancy test. Heck, they took enough vials (4).

Anyway, so he didn't run any of the hormonal tests which I thought he would. When I asked him why, he said "Because we're not authorized to use the specialized lab that runs them, I have to refer you to nuclear medicine and the gynecologist".

Ok, I thought. Refer me to the gynecologist. So I told him to.

I have an appointment this coming Friday to, get this: -pick up the date on which I'm allowed to go see the gynecologist-.


See, medicine here is not like in the USA (I don't know about the rest of the world).

If you go to a private practice doc here, the LATEST they will fit you in is maybe a week after. You're paying, after all. With the government practice, I'll be lucky if I get to see the gynecologist before next month.



So yeah, I don't know what hormonal problems I might have (or if I have them at all and this is just a fluke of nature), and I won't know until gawd knows when.

I am sorely tempted to go to a private practice and get the tests run myself, but
a) I can't afford it, and
b) I can't afford to go to a private gyn afterwards and pay for whatever medicines they prescribe,
So I'm stuck with the government practice.

Heck, I may as well stick it out, since they have been collecting the monthly fees from my paycheck for, oh, I dunno, 10 YEARS???!!! And I have only used them, and for things like colds and sprained ankles maybe twice a year. It was high time I used them for something actually worth all the damn money they collect.

Anyway, so yeah, I'm frustrated, but I guess it could be worse.



twondra said...

Wow....I'm frustrating for you. Can't believe you have to go through all that. (((HUGS)))

Jody said...

Oh man! I hope you find some answers soon... but don't think we have it good in the US either... my partner can't get health insurance AT ALL because she has rheumatoid arthritis. NO company will cover her... it's something that is totally controlled with meds. So, even if she has something totally unrelated... like say, a broken bone, a cold, a pregnancy, etc... she can't get coverage.

There really should be something in the middle, ya know?

Jody said...

I hope you didn't think I was trying to get on your case! There just really does need to be something in the middle of being screwed one way and being screwed another!!!

Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, after my 2nd IUI, I had an excessively long crazy cycle. On my next regular cycle, I got pregnant :)