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Monday, October 20, 2008

I am sooo happy!

My period is finally over! No 22-day period like in January! Yay for me!

I cannot express how happy I am. I finally stopped bleeding after 10 or so days on Tuesday, and I'm delighted! I don't know if it's psychological or actually something physical or both, but I feel healthier, with more energy and not gloomy! Lately I had been feeling sort of depressed but I didn't know if it was hormones, just the blues or a mixture of both. Now, however, I feel wonderful!

I am so glad things are looking up. Now I just hope that things stay that way and that my next period comes in 20 days or so, and I will be happy as a clam!

Aren't I using load and loads of exclamation marks? As Dooce would say, my use of them just left someone exclamation mark-less. But I don't care! I am happy!!!

Please still keep me in your thoughts and send good vibes my way, I still need them.

But I'm happy! :D

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twondra said...

Glad your period is over. :)

Thanks for the support lately. It means a lot....and don't worry about the misunderstanding on the board. It's understandable. It is misleading and although they are considered my stepsons, they are still mine. :)