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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Better now...

Well, it seems I -was- hormonal.

I have been taking the pills for almost a month and a half now, and it's as if, along with helping regulate my period, someone had put me on anti-depressant medication.

I feel a lot more stable emotionally speaking, my gf and I are finally working through all the things that have happened during this past week (particularly a day during which I was especially nasty to her) and it seems all is finally going to be well.

I am really tired, but that just comes from being overstressed from work.

I came out to a friend today, and that was good. It's a Basset Hound breeder from whom I'd bought Freddie, and although initially we only spoke about the puppy I was purchasing, our love for dogs and our common fields of interest made us friends. He is a very nice man, around my age, and he's very smart and educated, something I admire greatly. We've always been on usted terms (the formal way to address someone in spanish) but even through that we've become friends. He took it surprisingly well, actually. A lot better than a few people who I thought were closer friends to me. Odd.

Anyway, this will be a short(er) post than the others, since I'm rather sleepy and I think I'm gonna have to work through the weekend. Hope everyone that reads my blog had a good week and that you'll have a wonderful weekend.

Before I go...

Has anyone had one of those moments where you're just suddenly REALLY grateful for all you have? Out of the blue? That suddenly you just realize how lucky you are and have a really good feeling about your life because although you may not have everything you want, you have everything you NEED?

I had one of those right now. Sitting here, in the TV room, with my cat by my side, a stomach full of albondigas en caldo de chipotle and having just watched a show I like. I just realized how lucky I am. I am alive, I have a roof over my head, a good job, a nice TV, an old and beat-up but working car, a loving kitty, a gf who is trying to be better for me, good food, family that cares, someplace to call my own... But above all, a life that's mine to achieve any goals that I want as long as I try hard enough.

It's all good...


J* said...

I LOVE when I have one of those moments you described at the end of this post

saia and chago said...

Hang onto those moments, girl. But they may seem fewer and further between as the years go by, but oh man, are they sweeter.

Thanks for all your great comments on our blog, too, by the way. Really appreciate it.

Jo Anna