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Monday, February 18, 2008

Nothing in particular

Today I'm just going to post random rants... And maybe a thing or two more...

First. Why do some girls act like boys? (and I'm speaking specifically of lesbians here) I really can't understand it.

I'm a girl. The fact that I'm attracted to girls doesn't mean I have to act like a boy. Some girls (my gf included) have some really bad gender confusion issues going on. She's not guyish looking, that's not what I mean. I can understand why some girls would rather dress like guys, it's more comfortable I guess.

But act like them? My gf tends to be "macho" sometimes. As in saying she is the one that gets to make all the decisions and I have to defer to her and stuff like that. I don't know. Does that happen everywhere or just here in Mexico where machismo is prevalent?

She also insists on watching soccer (the national sport here) ALL the time. Kind of like NFL for american folks. She will be utterly mad and lash out at anyone and everyone if her team loses.

I dunno. Please someone explain this to me.

Another thing. Why is it that most lesbians here (and from what I've read in a few blogs, it seems I'm not alone) just want to go out to bars and get wasted and sleep around with anything that is female?

I got sick of the club scene when I was around 21. We start early here in Mexico, trust me, I had a good 7 years to party and get crazy... But I never slept around. I think I had like 1 one-night stand IN MY WHOLE LIFE. And it was a weekend thing.

If you want to have a lesbian friend here, she better have a gf. Because most single lesbians will only become your friend if a) She's hot for you, b) She's hot for your gf, or c) You know someone she wants to sleep with.

I don't get it. Everyone here has slept with everyone else. You know that diagram Alice from the L Word has? Well, here in Mexico (most places in Mexico I know) everyone is separated from everyone else by like... 2 lesbians. Especially if they're under 25. Oh yeah. The young'uns are VERY promiscuous. So much more so than those over 25... And around the same amount as those over 40... (yeah, the older ones here sleep around a lot).

Making friends here is really hard. *sigh* Most of my friends are gay males or straight people. I wish lesbians here were trustworthy... It says a lot that my gf is from like half a country away, doesn't it?

Don't get me wrong. I'm very grateful for lots of stuff I have. Like the fact that my mom has finally learned to accept who I am after 10 years. She even has a very cordial relationship with my gf.

Or that I own my own car (even if it IS a beat-up 1994 VW bug)

Or for my friends, and my family, and that everyone I care about is healthy.

Or even a sunny, or cloudy morning. Just the fact of waking up in the morning is something to be thankful for. (No, I'm not ill, it's just knowing that I have one more day when other people don't, you know?)

But there's just so many things that confuse me and drive me nuts.

I know I'm not really making a lot of sense right now, but it's just that all these ideas have been coming and going for a while, and I still haven't nailed them down yet.

Oh Gawd which brings me to a nasty commercial I just saw on TV right now.

It's for Coca-C*la zero. It's a different type here in Mexico which is still sugarless, but doesn't taste like a diet drink. It has no aspartame, I think. I personally like Diet better, but whatever, I guess some people liked the "regular" taste but didn't want all the calories.

Thing is, they're making these commercials to say it got better-tasting. And they mention several examples of things that have improved at something, and one of them is a lady doing a MILLION things while DRIVING!!! I mean, they are actually PROMOTING people to eat, write on a laptop, do their makeup, speak on a cellphone and I can't even remember what else WHILE DRIVING!!!


I can't believe Mexican advertising sometimes.



Jody said...

Hey there... I got your message on my blog... mind if I link you? I'd love to hear your story continue. As for the machismo thing... I think in areas where the "pickin's are slim", they can get away with it... I think it's more of a way to exert some control when they don't have control over themselves. That's my experience, anyway.

J* said...

It's so tough in the lesbian world! I feel like women are looking to hook up first, and friendship would be the default if that doesn't work out.

I'm so over the bar scene, although I understand the importance of it and enjoyed it for awhile. I guess I've just settled. I'm an old married woman:)