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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar night

In honor of tonight's event, I'm going to partially use this post to give a "thank you" speech...

Thank you to all of those that inspired me to start my own blog, because it has helped me very much, it has been my therapy and my way to stay sane while everything around me is maddening.

Thank you to all of you that are still reading this blog, despite the fact that the posts go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and... you get the drift.

Thank you to all of those that take enough time to leave a comments, believe me, your input is greatly appreciated and very much welcome. I enjoy knowing that there are people out there that take that moment of their time to let me know that my ramblings don't fall on deaf ears, that at least I resonate with someone else's experience.

Frankly, I was doing really bad before I started this thing. My anxieties had started back up again, I was lashing out at everyone and anyone for ANY reason, I was starting to become depressed a lot again... I was basically spiraling to another breakdown, in a nutshell.

This may or may not have been caused by my hormonal problems, but there you have it. I was about to crack once more.

Writing this blog has reminded me of how I used to write as a teenager to vent all my frustrations and that that is how I managed to survive all that time without having to take medication. Writing is sort of my therapy, the glue that holds me together, and for one reason or another, I had stopped doing it like 8 years ago or so, and it had caused a buildup inside of me that had made me pop more than once.

Both times were not pretty. Both are things I'd rather forget. But as they say, "She who does not know the past is bound to repeat it" (or something to the effect) so as painful as those memories are, I hold on to them in the hope that I will not let myself get to the point where I was when they happened.

Tomorrow, I will recount the first of those breakdowns... You will be the judge whether I am totally nuts or not.

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Jen said...

I did the header a long time ago and don't really remember. My general style of coding and web design is to screw around and try things until they work, anyway. But I pulled up the source code and here's what I've got:

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Hope that helps!