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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not my trimester...

So I've been doing some adding up, and it seems 2008 is -definitely- not going to be my year.

To summarize quickly what's been happening

Had the 22-day period, complete with cancer scare that caused me to empty my savings account for the WHOLE YEAR since I decided to go the private medicine route.

Had a weird throat thingie that caused me to be aphonic for 3 days.

-Got vertigo from God-knows where. Had to take a 3 day -unpaid- MLA from work.
-Had the cupboard fall on my head.
-Discovered my DSL modem/router had died. Got hung up on twice by the internet people and when I finally got through to someoneone, got put on hold for over 10 mins whilst I was becoming -really- late for my doctor's appointment, a big no-no in our public medicine system.
-Decided to hang up on said CSR from internet company and went directly to their offices to have modem exchanged, which apparently happened without a hitch. Until I get home and discover said modem came -without- an AC adapter and since good thursday, friday and easter-or-whatever weekend (not a religious person here) is coming up, the internet company's offices will be closed until monday.
-Fought with a CSR who kept treating me like an uneducated moron whilst explaining to her that I would -not- be paying for service I did not have, thanks to them, and demanding credit for the days I would be without such said service.

To give this trimester some credit, I do have to add:
Today a wonderful repairman from the internet company came by, and offered to leave with me an AC adapter until monday when I can go to the internet company's offices and demand my own adapter from them. Hence I have internet access again, and all is right with the world.

(Well, not really, but it does feel a lot better. Now if only the dizzyness would go away...)


Polly Harvey said...

Por lo visto este trimestre se nos ha complicado a varios.

Oye yo me acuerdo de tí! :)
Eres la princesa de las muñecas. Coleccionas muñecas hermosas, que parecen reales, y otras que tienen certificado de defunción.

Nos maileamos hace tiempo. Anyway me alegra saludarte de nuevo. :) Tengo un recuerdo agradable de tí.

girlranting said...

Hey... Como es que tu sabes quien soy yo y yo no me acuerdo quien eres?

De donde nos conocemos?

Minimo dejame tu correo para seguir escribiendonos...